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Digestive Health

Over recent years most of us have become aware of the importance of our microbiome. The microbiome consists of a vast collection of micro-organisms of thousands of different species. These are a mixture of parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. There is a mix of good and pathogenic (bad) micro-organisms living in our small and large intestines.

Not a problem for a healthy person as they all coexist peacefully... generally! But, when they get out of balance, they can have a profound effect on health ranging from immunity problems to neurological not to mention digestive issues that creates discomfort and can lead to more serious conditions.

So, it is critical to keep our microbiome in a healthy state. Many people feel that taking a probiotic is the answer, but Xtend-Life's position has for many years been to avoid probiotics and instead focus on PREBIOTICS which are found in some foods. The advantage of this approach is that it helps the microbiome feed the good bacteria and suppress the pathogens.

In the case of probiotics, you really do not know what you need, and so it is a guess. Probiotics do not exist in nature. They have to be fermented.

The New Zealand Kiwi Fruit is one of the most potent prebiotics found in nature, and we have utilized a special extract of the Kiwifruit to produce our Kiwi-Klenz, which has helped thousands of people throughout the world enjoy more comfortable digestion.

TIP: One of the best things that you can do for your digestive system is, upon rising each day, to have a large glass of pure room temperature water. This is particularly beneficial if you have any constipation issues.

Keto Health

For those people who follow a low carb, high-fat diet or a carnivore diet, we developed a product we call Organ Ultra which is an extremely high-quality supplement with a variety of organ extracts from pure NZ grass-fed sheep.

If you are like most people and don't like the thought of eating organ meats then this is a good option to get nutrients which are otherwise difficult to get.

Kiwifruit - the star of this salad, is actually a berry, contains 9 percent of your daily fiber requirement and delivers 117 percent of your daily vitamin C needs in one medium kiwi, which is more than that of an orange. Additionally, it is a good...
The Father of Modern Medicine was certainly ahead of his time, because research is increasingly proving that the gut really is the foundation of all health. Even with an optimum diet, if our gut is not functioning as it should be, our health will ...
Prebiotics and probiotics give the right nutrients for healthy bacteria to thrive in your digestive system, helping you to digest food properly, limit the growth of bad bugs, and get optimal nutrition from your diet for a healthy life. You are wha...
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