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Boron Citrate Background and Benefits

Boron is the fifth atomic element, meaning that a boron atom contains five protons. It is a relatively rare element that doesn’t occur naturally in pure form on Earth. Pure boron can be produced in the laboratory, although this is difficult due to its strong tendency to form refractory compounds with other elements.

Boron is an essential element for all organisms, although a nutritional deficiency of boron doesn’t occur naturally. The U.S. National Institutes of Health estimates that humans typically consume more than two milligrams of boron per day, and the minimum requirement is believed to be much less. The role of boron in nutrition is therefore not well understood.

A study conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed that boron supplements postmenopausal women reduced their excretion of calcium. This result indicates that boron may play a significant role in bone formation, although the USDA study could not determine whether these effects of boron were medicinal or nutritional.

Boron citrate is typically used in health supplements to provide boron in bioavailable form. It has the chemical formula BC6H5O7, where B stands for boron and C6H5O7 is the formula for citrate. Citrate is commonly used in nutritional supplements since it breaks down quickly in the stomach.

Uses of Boron Citrate

The most common uses for boron citrate in health supplements deal with bones. They may also be used for managing healthy hormone levels and inflammation management.

Healthy cholesterol profile support

Some research supports the use of crushed black cumin seeds to help support a healthy cholesterol profile.

Skin health support

The benefits of black cumin for the skin include supporting healthy inflammation management. These supplements typically contain additional ingredients such as beta-carotene, biotin and vitamin E.

Respiration support

Current studies indicate that oral supplements of black cumin may help support breathing patterns and normal rhythm.

Digestive support

Black cumin may be able to support healthy digestion to reduce the occurrence of digestive problems such as diarrhea and intestinal gas. It may also help with colic and constipation.

Signs You May Need Boron Citrate

The most significant signs of boron deficiency are believed to be poor hair quality, although this is unverified in humans. Conditions involving an abnormal metabolism of magnesium or calcium may also benefit from boron supplements. Low bone mass is the most obvious of these signs, although other bone conditions may also mean you need boron. Additional signs that boron could help you include an imbalance of sex hormones and thyroid hormone.

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