Purity & Effectiveness

The key to youthful and radiant skin relies on two components both of which we addressed when we developed the Eternal Beauty Collection which is a ‘system’ designed to achieve the results you are looking for:

The first component which is critical is to support the underlying matrix of collagen and elastin. This matrix is the layer deep under your skin and is constantly damaged by free radicals as we age. As this matrix breaks down it starts to crumble and fold up on itself…in other words create wrinkles. 

There is only one way to slow this action down or, even possibly reverse it and that is by attacking it from the inside out. That is why we have formulated two special products to help in this objective, Skin Support and Omega 3 DHA/Premium.

The second component is supporting your skin from the outside in. To do this effectively it requires much more than just a moisturizer. Every day your skin is shedding layers of old cells and exposing new ones. it is critical that these cells are nourished with specialized nutrients to sustain their health a radiance. As importantly you must avoid applying chemicals that can damage these cells and even long term impact on your health. Unfortunately many skin care products not only lack the nutrients needed but contain dangerous chemicals.

 Xtend-Life as a nutritional company developed the skin care range from the perspective that you are eating whatever you put on your face…and you are ultimately because a small percentage of the ingredients do find their way into your blood stream.

The skin care products developed and refined by Xtend-Life over the last 10 years contain no questionable chemicals such as parabens etc.

Not only that, but many of them contain a very special combination of rare New Zealand herbs which we call Kanapa which is contained in the products that we achieved remarkable results in a clinical trial. 

The ‘outside in’ skin care products that we have included in the ‘Eternal Beauty Collection’ when used in combination will give you results that you have never achieved before even, with products that may cost double or three times as much..

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