Women’s Hormonal Support

Restore The Balance With Women's Hormone Supplements

Hormones play an essential role in a woman’s life. Their ebb and flow influence all aspects of a woman’s physical, emotional and mental well-being; and that is why have developed our women's hormone and menopause supplements.

Oestrogen and progesterone work hand in hand to regulate menstruation, fertility, menopause and sex drive. When these two hormones are in balance, we have a sense of inner well-being and vitality. This inner harmony means painless menstrual cycles and a symptom-free menopause. However, if these inner rhythms are altered, hormonal havoc ensues.

As well as PMS, mood swings, and intense menopause symptoms, this change in hormone status can also play a role in abdominal weight gain, lack of energy and chronic stress.

Inner Balance The Natural Way

Rebalancing hormones is best done using natural hormone supplements as they are less invasive and work to help the body regulate its natural processes. Herbal extracts have been used for centuries to balance hormone levels, and the natural hormone support blend in Xtend-Life’s Total Balance Women’s (standard or premium) contains many of these. These rare herbs help restore hormonal balance while supporting libido and sexual sensitivity, and increasing reproductive blood flow to improve energy.

Care For Your Urogenital Health

Hormonal imbalances as a result of menopause or the contraceptive pill can increase your risk of developing candida. While many women associate candida with vaginal thrush, candidiasis can also cause many other symptoms like bloating, low mood, sugar cravings and unexplained weight gain. Advanced Candida Support contains 100% pure horopito extract clinically proven to provide comprehensive urogenital support against candida overgrowth.

Option 1

This women's hormone supplement option is ideal for women of any age in good health who have no particular hormonal issues and wish to maintain optimal female health.

Product Dosage
Total Balance Women's Standard 4 Tabs/Day
Total Balance Women's Premium 7 tabs/day
Advanced Candida Support 1 softgel/day

Option 2

For those looking for additional support for hormonal concerns such as PMS, menopause or low mood, add the Hormone-Support for Her (a natural women's hormone and menopause supplement) and any of our best-selling Omega 3 fish oils to option 1.

Hormone-Support For Her

Hormone-Support For Her

A natural supplement formulated for women of all ages who suffer from mood swings, low libido, PMS & menopause.
£29.49 GBP
Total Balance Women's Premium

Total Balance Women's Premium

A comprehensive supplement containing 98 natural bio-active vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants & herbs to promote optimal health for women.
£50.71 GBP
Total Balance Women's

Total Balance Women's

A comprehensive supplement containing 77 natural bio-active vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and herbs to promote optimal health for women.
£51.20 GBP

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