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Will Zebrafish cure Heart Failure?

Will Zebrafish cure Heart Failure? I doubt it... but the British Heart Foundation thinks it might. In fact they want to spend 50 million British pounds in an effort to find out over the next 10 years.

They think that because the zebrafish has the remarkable ability to mend its own heart muscle that they can do the same for humans, so heart failure can be 'fixed' in much the same way as you fix a broken leg.

Hmm... won't help if you are dead from your first heart attack.

I have to confess that I find this quite bizarre in some ways. All this money and effort going into what is largely a preventable disease! Why couldn't it be channelled into helping the general population better understand the cause of heart failure in the first place so they can put some effort into prevention by way of lifestyle and diet.

What about putting the money into educating the medical profession and telling them the truth about statin drugs? Explain how crucial it is if they prescribe a statin drug that they must ensure that their patients also take CoQ10 to offset the depletion of this essential nutrient by the drug. The deficiency of CoQ10 literally ends up destroying the heart... but, the drug companies who supply most of the education to the medical profession will not promote this information.

Because many Doctors are still blissfully unaware of this need they continue to prescribe the statins in ever increasing number without justification and as a result millions of people throughout the world suffer pain and even needless death. I could think of many sure ways that 50 million pounds could be spent which would save people’s lives and improve overall standards of health.

For more info on this proposed project please see "Heart failure research to find cure using zebrafish"  (from BBC Health News)


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