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What really makes the Old Spice Guy an Internet sensation

The Old Spice Guy and the 30-second video posts and commercials in which he offers amusing monologues on literally anything, has become a viral Internet phenomenon. Why?

Well, besides the fact that his monologues are personal and brilliantly written (witty, funny, dry, and complimentary), the real reason why the Old Spice Guy is so popular can be put down to just one thing…his appearance! Yes, bare-chested and delivering one-liners while standing in a towel.

When I asked a few female friends and colleagues what makes these videos so entertaining, the only answer I got was: “His abs”.

On a closer inspection, the Old Spice Guy doesn’t look like he spends hours in the gym pumping iron. He looks like your average guy who likes to keep fit, follows a healthy diet, and takes pride in his health and wellness.

If anything, besides generating a few laughs, the Old Spice Guy and his ‘abs’ should inspire a few couch-potatoes to get up, reconsider their current lifestyle, and make better choices. These include eating healthier, supplementing with the right daily nutrients, and getting more exercise.

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