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Pregnancy diet: the secret to an allergy free life.

January 2018, by Xtend-Life Expert

We know that breastfeeding plays an important role in the development of babies, but have we been overlooking something right in front of our eyes this entire time? Recent studies have been scratching the surface of this important question and revealed intriguing results. Xtend-Life conducted a study to find out more.

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Can You Benefit From Fertility Herbs?

August 2016 by, Xtend-Life Expert

When it comes to trying for a baby the inability of being able to conceive can certainly be very painstaking, but on the same token, it can also be confusing....

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Know your nutrients - Pregnancy and nutrition

April 2014 by, Xtend-Life Expert

If you’re a woman, the most important time to make sure you’re taking in enough nutrients is during pregnancy, when you’re responsible not only for your own health, but also...

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Sugar & Sex: Sure to Vex

January 2014 by, Xtend-Life Expert

After all the indulgences and ‘sweet treats’ over the festive season, have you noticed any negative effect on your libido? If you have, you’re not alone. It appears that an...

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Naturally Boosting Your Fertility

April 2012 by, Xtend-Life Expert

Did you know that the health of your body's reproductive system hinges on your overall health, wellness, diet and various other factors? In other words, despite what you may think...

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